Laugh Outta Lockdown

Part of Sydney Fringe and Sydney Fringe Comedy
Danielle Walker – A Work In Progress Show
Lizzy Hoo – Hoo Dis?
Michael Hing – Kill-Hing In The Name Of
Dan Rath – Cockroach Party
Christian Elderfield – It Was Like That When I Got Here
Cam James, Sam Taunton & Tom Cashman – New Stuff 4.0
Jeffrey Charles - Canberra Confidential
Madeleine Stewart – So Brave
Two Finance Managers & An It Nerd
Bryce Halliday – Having Fun In Public
Michael Shafar – For Sale: New Jokes, Never Told
Bec Melrose – Absolute Goose
Aaron Chen – The Final Club Comedian
Chris Ryan And Friends
Fady Kassab – Is This Legal?
Blake Freeman
Annie Boyle & John Glover – Speak Of The Devil(S)
Ben Kochan & Concetta Caristo – Funny As Sin
Floyd Alexander-Hunt – New Jokes With Friends
Amelia Navascues & Bea Barbeau-Scurla – Rat Klub
Gordon Southern – That Boy Needs Therapy
Joch Diaz – Still Untested Powers
Marcel Blanch De-Wilt & Fiona Cox - Testing, Testing
Victor David – Handmodel
Mitchell Coombs Live: Can Ya Stand It?!
Couple Of Nice Bitches – Two Hats
An Evening With Fricker And Hing
Kieran Daughton – New Heart Valve Who Dis
Sam Wade – Mind Cave
Sam Bowden - Dandylion
Thalia-Joan – Too Much
Maddie Southall & Laura Coleman – Nothing Serious
James Flavin – The Airing Of Grievances
Harry Jun – One Of The Good Ones
John Robles – Gay As In Happy (And Homosexual)
Tom Witcombe – 21St Century Man
Emma Holland – Dreamer In The Mist
Dragon Friends – A D&D Comedy Show
Facundo Herrera – Homesick
Jake Howie – Cult Fiction
Artie Gallagher & Annabelle James – Mistlehoes
Nina Oyama – Is ‘Doing Me Right Now’
Daniel Muggleton – Oh, More Mr. White Guy?
Unplanned Melodies – Love, Probably
Jenny Tian – Picture This
Two Queers Walk Into A Bar
Tim Handsome – Saves The World
Robyn Reynolds - Mermaid
Brendan Hancock – The Apology Tour – 2021 Sydney Comedy Festival Encore
Dipskit – Skitting Ourselves
Glace Chase – Glace’S Big Things
Deep Heat – A Bit Of This, A Bit Of That
Gabbi Bolt – I Hope My Keyboard Doesn’t Break
Thanks For Having Me
Daniel Muggleton – Who Can Laugh At A Time Like This? (Trial Show)
Bec Charlwood & Aleks Milinkovic – The Reunion Tour
Jess Fuchs & Nick White – Grow Up
Aidan Jones – Passing Time
Jeeves Verma – How To Brew A Chai In 10 Days
Billy D’Arcy & Pat Doherty – Riff City
Snake Pit – Cold Blooded
Ange Lavoipierre – Spiders Follow Me
Sadie Bruce Lomack – Ding Dong, Beth Is Dead
Bart Freebairn – The Mountain Rumbles At The Promise Of The Dawn
Gavin Sempel - Still Got It
Sophia Morrison – Pash Rash
Steph Broadbridge – Hot Chick/Tired Mum
Eric Hutton – Ca$H Money
Alex Jae, Daniel Townes & Luke Heggie – It Doesn’T Matter
Lauren Bonner – What Do You Reckon?
Chris Nguyen &Amp; Sath Nadesan – Crush Hour
Sam Taunton – Wip (Work In Perfection)