Tim Handsome – Saves The World

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The world might be going tits up, with out-of-control capitalism, spam texts from meathead politicians, and a shortage of delicious Ivermectin, but here’s something we can all enjoy: a handsome gay man playing stupid songs on a piano wearing a cape and hot pants.

While the rest of Sydney was snacking away their feelings and binging on Squid Game, Tim Handsome has been hard at work perfecting his physique and his songwriting. Composer of the 2021 Sydney Comedy Festival hit “Schapelle, Schapelle” and original cabaret “Airlock”, Tim’s tunes are a delightful combination of lyrical word salad and surprisingly complex music, crafted with his signature blend of world-weary cynicism and utterly relentless optimism.

Tim Handsome Saves The World features a bunch of original satirical songs - only three of which are “oom-pah oom-pah” - including “Don’t be a dick”, shortlisted in the 2018 Vanda and Young Songwriting Competition (that’s a big deal, if you didn’t know).

Break your lockdown funk with an evening with Tim Handsome as he reminds us all just how effed up we are, while offering hope that things will get better. Will you laugh? Will you cry? Will you do both? Probably, we’re all used to being a bit hysterical by now!