Victor David – Handmodel

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Do handmodels exist? Yes, but they never intended to become one… as with many things in life, they happen beautifully unplanned, or perhaps not so beautifully.

Born to an unmarried Catholic mother, with dad living separately in a hippie-commune, life was doomed to be cursed anyway... according to my aunt, a nun. She wrote long letters to my mom on how-to save my soul with holy water, and why I cannot be named after my great-grand-father, Victor David snr, because I was a bastard and thus not worthy of the name. Perhaps the nun was right after all, because, who would deliberately want to become a handmodel in life?

Victor David will tell the story in a stand-up show on the oddities in modern life, with a few comedic songs in it as well – though his voice is not as smooth as his hands – yups you got the key message: nobody is perfect. That's why we have handmodels, so that one human being can compensate for the other...

Status: Closed